Toxic Torts

Toxic Torts

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Toxic torts are personal injury claims and lawsuits involving injuries caused by exposure to harmful chemicals, such as soil, groundwater, and air contamination. In such cases, the manufacturer or supplier of toxic products is held responsible for such injuries. If you or your family has been exposed to the effects of toxic chemicals by a public or private entity which caused you harm, you may be entitled to financial compensation for such harm. By contacting our firm to speak to our California toxic tort attorney, you can get experienced legal advice on your situation. Our attorney has almost 20 years of litigation experience in handling these types of cases, resulting in successful verdicts and settlements of millions of dollars.

Toxic Tort Claims

Toxic chemical exposure can result in devastating consequences to humans, including birth defects, cancer, mesothelioma, and even death. Lesser symptoms may include chronic colds, infections, shortness of breath, attention deficit disorder, and hyperactive disorder in children. In toxic tort cases, sometimes whole communities involving hundreds and thousands of individuals have been damaged through such exposure. Toxins that may be involved include asbestos, toxic mold, lead paint, pesticides, herbicides, dangerous pharmaceuticals, improper toxic waste disposal, and other harmful chemicals.

Our California toxic tort lawyer has represented hundreds of clients in mass litigation cases involving air, water, and soil contamination. Since joining the law firm in 2007, Attorney Robertson has obtained settlements for clients in excess of 30 million dollars and is well-known as one of the primary lawyers representing clients in the "Erin Brockovich" case. 

If you believe you have been injured through exposure to toxins, it is vital that you get competent legal representation from our California toxic tort lawyer who can begin building your case for an injury claim or litigation.

Contact the California toxic tort attorney at the firm if you have been injured through exposure to toxic chemicals by a manufacturer, supplier, or other entity. 

Verdicts & Settlements

  • 24,300,000.00

    Toxic Tort/Groundwater, Air and Soil Contamination

  • $12,500,000.00

    Confidential Personal Injury

  • $7,978,185

    Medical Malpractice

  • $5,250,000.00

    Toxic Tort/Groundwater Contamination

  • $2,000,000.00