Premises Liability

Premises Liability

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Premises liability refers to the concept that those individuals who own or occupy a property are responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe environment for guests, patrons, service personnel, and anyone visiting the premises, other than trespassers. If a visitor to the premises is injured through negligence on the part of the property owner or occupier, he or she may be entitled to recover damages from the property owner or occupier through a personal injury claim or lawsuit. This applies to both public and private property, such as residences, businesses, offices, entertainment venues, hotels, shopping malls, sports arenas, and more, whether inside or outside on pathways, sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, and more.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured on another's premises due to an unsafe or hazardous condition anywhere in the state of California, we advise that you contact our firm to arrange a consultation with a California premises liability attorney. We can review your situation to evaluate it in terms of personal injury law and advise you on your legal rights and what needs to be done to seek legal recourse. If you have a viable personal injury case, our firm can initiate legal action on your behalf to recover damages connected with the injuries you suffered. The damages you may recover will depend on the extent of your injuries and other facts of the case but may include medical expenses, both past and present, loss of wages due to your injuries, pain and suffering, disability, and more.

Liability of Property Owners and Occupiers

If an unsafe condition exists on a property, such as a wet, slippery floor, broken floor tiles, poor or inadequate lighting in hallways, stairwells, or pathways, potholes, or other hazards, the property owner or occupier should take remedial action or post signs warning visitors until the hazard has been repaired. Furthermore, premises liability may extend to criminal attacks on visitors while visiting the premises when there is negligent security. It is important to discuss your case with a California premises liability lawyer at the firm to get specific legal guidance on the causes and nature of your injuries while visiting another's premises.

Contact a California premises liability attorney  at the firm if you have been seriously injured through negligence while visiting another's property.   

Verdicts & Settlements

  • 24,300,000.00

    Toxic Tort/Groundwater, Air and Soil Contamination

  • $12,500,000.00

    Confidential Personal Injury

  • $7,978,185

    Medical Malpractice

  • $5,250,000.00

    Toxic Tort/Groundwater Contamination

  • $2,000,000.00